Since contracting Diabeties, type two, I found that drinking beer sends my sugar levels high very quickly so I have decided to try dry drinks and I have developed a liking for single malt whiskies. In this web page I have tried to share my appreciation of the distillers art of whisky making

The type of terrain that the water used for whisky making percolates through has a great influence as to the taste of the whisky. it is usually accepted that there are six whisky regions and six classic single malts of Scotland.

           Whisky Regions            The six Classic Malts of scotland

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Whiskyname Type Prf Aged Cost Country Picture Link Malt Map
Aberfeldy Highland 40% 12 £27 Scotland No Pic Link to Aber... H/page Single Malt No Pic
Description......The Aberfeldy Distillery has produced a fine Highland single malt Scotch Whisky since 1898. An elegant full bodied whisky, noted for its heather, honey softness, Aberfeldy malt has for years provided the signature notes of Dewars family of blended whiskies. This 12 year old one litre bottle has a full flavour, the perfume characteristics become more spicy, with a bitter hint of Seville oranges in a decidedly dry finish
Nose......Almost incense-like, heather honey with a fruity softness, notes of pineapple, toast and cereal
Amrut Higland like 46% No age £35 India No Pic Link to Amrut H/page Single Cask No Pic
Description......The blurb below mine is from the distributers Milroyds of Soho. This is a smooth pleasant whisky well worth a try. I get an initial taste of exotic flavours, with an excellent balance of sweet oaky pepper and a smoothness which only comes with age. It is full bodied and lingers for a while.<br /> Excellent.<br /> We are delighted to offer this splendid single cask single malt whisky from India's Amrut distillery. The whisky was matured for over three years in ex-Bourbon casks in Bangalore, Southern India. It was then shipped to Scotland and aged for a further year in an ex-grain cask. As with all Milroy's of Soho single cask bottlings, it is bottled without the addition of caramel colouring and is non-chill filtered. This is thrilling stuff for collectors and connoisseurs alike. Robustly rich and fruity, with a fascinating floral edge and a touch of marzipan, it lingers on the palate impressively. Limited relase of 210 bottles.
Nose......Hints of the exotic fruity spices, toffee, vanilla and sweet oak.
Ancnoc Higland 40% 12 £25 Scotland No Pic Link to Ancnoc H/page Single Malt No Pic
Description......This is a very individual smooth malt from a distillery often categorised as Speyside, but in fact just outside the region. Not immediately sweet to start with an appetising fruitiness and a long smooth finish.A malt for every occasion.
Nose......Soft, very aromatic with a hint of honey and lemon in the foreground.
Ardbeg Islay 46% 10 Yrs £30 Scotland No Pic Link to Ardbeg H/page Single Malt No Pic
Description......Tar-like. Medicinal. Seaweedy. Salty. Behind all of those dry flavours, a background of light, clean, fresh, maltiness and lemon-skin fruitiness.An immediate waft of peat smoke. Full, robustly flavoured with turf and lapsang souchong tea.
Nose......Astoundingly smoky, yet delicate with subtle tarry notes behind. With water the smoke dies a little and raisin and caramelised apple notes emerge.
Ardmore Highland 46% No age £25 Scotland No Pic Link to Ardmore H/page Single Malt No Pic
Description......Body:- Strong rich and well balanced with fruity softness.<br /> Palate:- At 46% strength the peat smoke bursts out in the mouth and overpowers the softer flavours. With a touch of water the peat concentration is mellowed by vanilla cream and a sweet oakiness<br /> Finish:- Crisp and quite long lasting oakiness.
Nose......The initial aroma is of a sweetish morello cherry, blackcurrant fruitiness and marzipan with just a trace of peat smoke.
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