About Don's Garden

My garden consist of a front and back garden to a semi-detached house at 47 Maynard Road, Walthamstow Village, London E17 9JE. Over the last few years I have 'pushed the boundaries' of what can be grown in an English garden. Therefore, this garden is a plant man's garden with lots of tropical plants and some design ideas which makes the garden practical and useful.

The general plan of the garden was laid down by the previous owner and I am still using many of his plantings. My idea is to have something flowering all year 'round. This has meant lots of double-planting, where two plants share the same space; one plant grows in the winter and the other grows in the summer. Many climbers intermingle with each other and grow over trees. Extra planting space is gained by using posts to raise plants higher. The range of tropical plants capable of growing in the South East of England is surprisingly large if some protection is given to these plants in winter.

Many plants will happily thrive in near zero temperature and recover in the spring. My garden therefore contains many of these exotic flowers. Arranging these flowers is like painting using flowers. Unfortunately these pictures do not last. Therefore, I felt there was a need to capture these beautiful scenes in order to share them.

The plants are never in flower all at the same time, but June and July are the best months to see the most flowers in bloom. This web site is an attempt to record the eclectic range of plants grown in my garden throughout the four seasons of the year.

In July I usually hold an open day or two for the National Garden Scheme.
For dates and recommended entry contribution, consult the NGS Yellow book, their web site or 'My Open Day' link on this web site's homepage.

I hope you find it useful and enjoyable.
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Special thanks to my son Ben and all the kind wizards who share their solutions to problems on the net without whom this site would not be as good