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Solanum wendlandii Costa Rican Nightshade[1]



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This climbing plant is one of the more striking Solanum climbing plants. In its native Costa Rica it can grow to about 20 feet(6mtrs) with many pendulus pinacles of these wonderful purple flowers.Other names for this plant are Devorce Vine, Grand Potato Vine, Giant Potato Creeper and Marriage Vine. It is said that its poisonous, but as its fruits are supposed to be eaten in Guatamala, it is unlikely to be poisonous.

S_solanum_wendlandii-c_costa_rican_nightshade[1] S_solanum_wendlandii-c_costa_rican_nightshade[2] S_solanum_wendlandii-c_costa_rican_nightshade[3] S_solanum_wendlandii-c_costa_rican_nightshade[4] S_solanum_wendlandii-c_costa_rican_nightshade[5] S_solanum_wendlandii-c_costa_rican_nightshade[6] S_solanum_wendlandii-c_costa_rican_nightshade[7]

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