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Rosa Miniture Rose


Spring to Autumn

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This miniature Rose tree was here when I bought the house and has flowered every year since. As the years go by it is getting slightly larger, but with judicious pruning it produces new growth and a wonderful mass display in early summer. Through the summer there are usually a few roses to enjoy. This is achieved by selective pruning. throughout the summer.

S_rosa____-c_miniture_rose S_rosa____-c_rose_hip S_rosa____-c_rose_orange S_rosa____-c_rose_orange[2] S_rosa____-c_rose_orange[3] S_rosa____-c_rose_pink S_rosa____-c_rose_pink[2] S_rosa____-c_rose_red S_rosa____-c_rose_red[2] S_rosa____-c_rose_red[3] S_rosa____-c_rose_red[4] S_rosa____-c_rose_red[5] S_rosa____-c_rose_white S_rosa____-c_rose_yellow S_rosa____-c_rose_yellow[2] S_rosa____-c_rose_yellow[3]

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