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Nicranda physalodes Shoo Fly


Summer to Winter

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Nicandra physaloides, a day-blooming relative of Jimson weed with similarly poisonous parts. It is said that the severity is low if eaten, but the effects are unknown and care should be taken due to its similarity to known toxins. This plant is said to repel flies and although I cannot say for definite it does not seem to have insects around it. Indeed it is not affected by any insect pest. Sometimes in its later life it is affected by a fungal desease. The flowers are enclosed in a green calyx lantern with spotted purple at the top. After the delicate sky blue and white flowers are produced the calyx lantern hangs down and the fruit forms inside like the Cape goosebury.

S_nicranda_physalodes-c_shoo_fly S_nicranda_physalodes-c_shoo_fly[2] S_nicranda_physalodes-c_shoo_fly[3] S_nicranda_physalodes-c_shoo_fly[4]

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