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Leucanthemum vulgare Ox Eye Daisy[3]


Summer to Winter

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Here this plant is growing in considerable shade and mainly gets most light in winter and spring when othe plants are dormant. the daisy type flowers are wonderful as yhey push through other growth to flower above them. Some people considers it to be a weed, but a pretty tough and pretty weed. Perhaps I like them because it reminds me of my childhood playing in the forest and wild fields.

S_leucanthemum_vulgare-c_ox_eye_daisy-dup2 S_leucanthemum_vulgare-c_ox_eye_daisy[2] S_leucanthemum_vulgare-c_ox_eye_daisy[3] S_leucanthemum_vulgare-c_ox_eye_daisy[4]

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