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Leucanthemum vulgare Ox Eye Daisy-DUP2


Summer to Winter

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These daisies are wonderful when in a large clump. It easily reaches 3 feet(1mtr) or more. Here it is growing in a very shady spot, at the root of a rose, where it forces its way up through the roses, fuchias and begonias. After flowering it needs a spell of growth in order to replenish its reserves. In the spring it needs some light or it may tend to die back. It flowers late in the summer and in the autumn.

S_leucanthemum_vulgare-c_ox_eye_daisy-dup2 S_leucanthemum_vulgare-c_ox_eye_daisy[2] S_leucanthemum_vulgare-c_ox_eye_daisy[3] S_leucanthemum_vulgare-c_ox_eye_daisy[4]

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