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Koi carp Koi Carp[1]


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Koo Carp is an easy fish to keep if some basic conditions are adhered to. Cheifly the water must be well aerated. The London hard tap water should be left to stand for a day or two before adding fish. Koi fishes like these can be quite expensive, but if you buy them as young fry you can get them very cheap. They then take a few years to get to these sizes. Today they are much larger than when this photograph was taken.

S_koi_carp-c_koi_carp[1] S_koi_carp-c_koi_carp[2] S_koi_carp-c_koi_carp[7] S_koi_carp-c_koi_carp[8] S_koi_carp[6]-c_koi_carp[6]

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