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Jacuzzi Jacuzzi[5]


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Finally I get to relax in the jacuzzi with a beer. It is an extravagance, I know, and I am careful to use the water for watering the plants and other things when a change is due. I am lucky as where we are we very rarely get a hosepipe ban, but I am sure this will not last. Then I will be using it mainly for sitting in. Sitting this low to the plants really enhances them and you see a different view that is not usually seen.

S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi[2] S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi[3] S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi[4] S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi[5] S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi[6] S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi[7] S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi[8]

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