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The original idea was to have a seating dug into the ground so that you are closer to the plants when you are sitting down. It also do not clutter the view of the garden as when you have chairs and tables. Soon the idea was to enable water to be added. After getting advice from a professional pool builder the idea was to have the area as a jacuzzi as well as a seating area. It turned out to be a lot harder than I imagined, but the result was worth it.

S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi[2] S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi[3] S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi[4] S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi[5] S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi[6] S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi[7] S_jacuzzi-c_jacuzzi[8]

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