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Medinilla magnifica Malaysian Orchid



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This plant is from the Philippines and has many common names like baldi(Philippines), showy medinilla, chandelier tree, Malaysian orchid, showy melastome, Rose Grape. In its native habitat at high altitudes in the rain forest it can reach over three feet, but in cultivation for the greenhouse or house plant market it usually gets to about three feet. Medinilla flowers are pink panicles that hang down from long pink stems. Its flowers are produced throughout spring and summer The bracts and flowers together look like a hanging bunch of grapes. This Medinilla has large foliage of deep green, thick and leathery leaves. It needs plenty of light and a min temperature of @ 60 degrees, but I have overwintered it on my windowsill in my front room.

S_medinilla_magnifica-c_malaysian_orchid S_medinilla_magnifica-c_malaysian_orchid[2]

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