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Frementodendron californicum Flannel Bush


Spring to Summer

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This tree is an evergreen and is hardy down to at least -15 degrees C. It likes dry well drained soil and can grow in a pot for many years. Its leaves are stiff velvety to the feel. It can reach to 20 feet(6mtrs). All summer long it is continually producing its wonderful yellow flowers that are attractive to bees. Its bark is said to have medicinal uses. It is said to be an irritant, but I have not found it so. After a long period of flowering it produces seed pods which are up to two inches(50cm), brown and bristle like. It also produces some flowers in the autumn.

S_frementodendron_californicum-c_flannel_bush S_frementodendron_californicum-c_flannel_bush[2]

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