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Dracunculus vulgaris Dragon Arum


Early Summer

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The stems of this Arum looks similar to the Vodoo_lily( Sauromatum_nenosum) and the flower is said to smell as bad as the flower of the Vodo lily. I have not found it to be so. The next two photographs shows the developmwent of the large purple flower which I think is quite beautiful and striking. When the frost knocks it back in the autumn the bulb becomes dormant until the spring when the leaves begin to appear followed by the flower.

S_dracunculus_vulgaris-c_dragon_arum S_dracunculus_vulgaris-c_dragon_arum[2] S_dracunculus_vulgaris-c_dragon_arum[3] S_dracunculus_vulgaris-c_dragon_arum[4]

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