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Canna red king humbert Indian Shot Plant4


Summer to Autumn

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This deep bronze leaf Canna has bright red flowers. It is reduced in size and repotted every year as it would get too large for the pot. It reaches to 10 feet (3mtrs) from a large pot. Plenty of water and feed with rich soil during the growing season will allow it to flower until frost in late December. Staking is required as it would soo topple the pot over.

S_canna_red_king_humbert-c_indian_shot_plant4 S_canna_red_king_humbert-c_indian_shot_plant[2] S_canna_red_king_humbert-c_indian_shot_plant[3]-dup8 S_canna_red_king_humbert-c_indian_shot_plant[3]

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