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Agave americana Century Plant


Spring to Winter

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This succulent originally from Mexico has a slight blue tinge and is known by many names including Maguey and American Aloe. It seems to be hardier than the variegated variety and survives well outside if I enclose it with a plastic cloche. As this plant gets larger it looks most majestic.The leaf tips has a sharp spine and care needs to be taken when handling. It only flowers after the plant is a minimum of 15 years old usually 25 years or more. When it does flower the plant dies leaving many suckers. The flower spike, with a cyme of big yellow flowers, is very large up to 25 feet(8mtrs) or more. During its lifetime it produces many suckers which can be grown on to produce new plants. It reminds me of the vast fields of Agaves in Mexico which are used to produce Tequila.

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