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These are all the different Begonia in the garden


Begonia_Red - Begonia____


Early Autumn

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Begonias is a bulb for the damp shade. It does not like too much shade and requires some sun. There are so many varieties, cultivars, colours and shape that any taste can be acomodated. The bulbus kind are dried after the first forst and replanted the following year where they do even better. One of my bulbs is now about nine inches in size. and the stems are about one and a half inches.

S_begonia____-c_begonia_red S_begonia____-c_begonia_white S_begonia_semperflorens_double-c_bedding_begonia S_begonia_semperflorens-c_bedding_begonia S_begonia_southerlandii-c_begonia_southerlandii S_begonia_southerlandii-c_begonia_southerlandii[3] S_begonia_southerlandii-c_begonia_southerlandii_female S_begonia_southerlandii-c_begonia_southerlandii_male S_begonia_rex-c_begonia_rex S_begonia_rex-c_begonia_rex[2] S_begonia_rex-c_begonia_rex[3] S_begonia_rex-c_begonia_rex[4]

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