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Transvaal_Daisy - Arctotis_zulu_prince


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The moment I saw this flower in a book I knew I must have it in my garden. It is a striking flower up to 8cm in size. The stems are hairy and gradually flop over even though they branch freely., Therefore staking is required for best results. This is another plant from South Africa. It is prone to damping off after germination, but otherwise it is as easy to grow as tomatoes. It looks best in groups. Constant deadheading is required.

S_arctotis_zulu_prince-c_transvaal_daisy S_arctotis_zulu_prince-c_transvaal_daisy[2] S_arctotis_zulu_prince-c_transvaal_daisy[3] S_arctotis_zulu_mixture-c_transvaal_daisy S_arctotis_zulu_mixture-c_transvaal_daisy[2]

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