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Verbena_Bonariensis - Verbena_bonariensis


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This verbena grows to a height of 6 feet(2mtrs) and Verbena it is tall and thin with narrow leaves. It's good for planting amongst other plants as it climbs through and gets some support. It does not need staking although they will fall over in the winter gales. It will not always survive the winter, but it does self seed easily and will flower in the same year. In the spring cut back the dead stalks from previous year.

S_verbena_bonariensis-c_verbena_bonariensis S_verbena_bonariensis-c_verbena_bonariensis[2] S_verbena____-c_verbena____ S_verbena____-c_verbena____[2] S_verbena_rigida_polaris-c_rough_verbena

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