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French_Marigold - Tagetes_patula


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French Marigolds are a must in my garden every year. They remind me of my childhood in Belize when the field in front of our house was pepered with these plants and flowers. The smell never left me. The flowers also makesa wonderful wine. I think I still have some from 20 years ago. must get drinking. I would like to have them everywhere in my garden, but the dreded slugs and snails devour them in one night. The only place I could have them is between the lawn and pathway where I can spray the pathway and lawn with liquid sluggit to keep them at bay.

S_tagetes_patula-c_french_marigold S_tagetes_patula-c_french_marigold[2] S_tagetes_patula-c_french_marigold[3] S_tagetes_patula_diploid-c_french_marigold

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