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Iron_Cross - Oxalis_tetraphylla


Summer to Autumn

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This Oxalis has the common name Iron Cross because of the dark reddish-brown colouration on the leaves. It is also known as False Shamrock and Good luck plant.The leaves are larger than my other Oxalis and should flower through the summer. It is hardy down to -5 degrees Centigrade and should die down in the winter and re-appear in the spring like my other Oxalis.

S_oxalis_tetraphylla-c_iron_cross S_oxalis_crassipes-c_pink_wood_sorrel-dup1 S_oxalis_crassipes-c_pink_wood_sorrel[2] S_oxalis_crassipes-c_pink_wood_sorrel[3] S_oxalis_crassipes-c_pink_wood_sorrel[4]_dup6 S_oxalis____-c_oxalis_yellow[2]-dup10 S_oxalis_triangulata-c_purple_shamrock

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