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Himalayian_PoppyDUP34 - Meconopsis_Bentonicfolia



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This is very similar to M. Grandis, but produces masses of the sky blue flowers in summer. Like the Grandis it is a perennial, but tends to be monocarpic and dies after flowering. In the right conditions of moist soil and sunny positon it should continue to flower for years and is easy to grow. There are other species, crosses and cutlivars which gives similar flowers. There is even the Welsh popy M. cambrica which gives an orange-yellow flower. I have found Meconopsis a difficult plant to grow down here in London, yet it grows well in Scotland where it is much colder.

S_meconopsis_bentonicfolia-c_himalayian_poppydup34 S_meconopsis_grandis-c_himalayian_poppy S_meconopsis_lingholm-c_himalayian_poppy

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