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Shrub_Verbena[2]-DUP3.JPG - Lantana_camara_Radiation


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This Lantana, has a head of small flowers which open yellow and turn to orange and then red. The plant is a small shrub with some strong stems, but the majority are slim and weak. The foliage has a strong somewhat pungent scent when crushed or bruised. It is not hardy and needs winter protection. After bringing indoors in the autumn it tends to drop all, but a few of its leaves and renew them gradually in the spring..

S_lantana_camara_radiation-c_shrub_verbena S_lantana_camara_radiation-c_shrub_verbena[2]-dup3 S_lantana_camara_radiation-c_shrub_verbena[3] S_lantana_camara_radiation-c_shrub_verbena[4] S_lantana_camara-c_s_shrub_verbena S_lantana_camara_goldmine-c_shrub_verbena

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