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Yellow_Flag[3]-DUP12.JPG - Iris_pseudacorus


Late Spring

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Providing that it is kept in check, by regular dividing the tough rhizomes, This Iris is a great architecual plant that gives height to the garden. I find that the leaves are smooth and tactile. The long strap shaped leaves tend to break and fall over when they reach a certain height, but they continue to grow, until the winter when it all dies back to the rhizomes. The tough leaves then have to be cut away and later the remnants are removed when they have rotted enough to be remoove easily from the rhizomes.

S_iris_pseudacorus-c_yellow_flag S_iris_pseudacorus-c_yellow_flag[3]-dup12 S_iris_pseudocorus-c_yellow_flag[2] S_iris_hollandica-c_dutch_iris

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