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Busy_Lizzie_Pink - Busy_lizzie_Pink


Summer to Autumn

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Like little roses this double version of the single and common Busy lizzie is beautiful. It continually flowers until killed by frost. Apart from feed and watering very little care is needed. It even tolerates shade.

S_busy_lizzie_pink-c_busy_lizzie_pink S_impatients_new_guinea_hybrids-c_new_guinea_busy_lizzie S_impatients_new_guinea_hybrids-c_new_guinea_busy_lizzie[2] S_impatients_____-c_busy_lizzie S_impatients_____-c_busy_lizzie[2] S_impatiens_niamniamensis-c_congo_cockatoo S_impatiens_glandulifera-c_himalayan_balsam

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