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Barberton_Daisy.2] - Gerbera_jamesonii_orange


Summer to Autumn

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This orange variety provided a beautiful addition to the garden it flowered for a long time in the summer and autum. Plenty of water and a sandy soil in a chimney pot to raise it up so it can reach the sunlight. This is the front view from the pavement side.

S_gerbera_jamesonii_red-c_barberton_daisy S_gerbera_jamesonii_orange-c_barberton_daisy S_gerbera_jamesonii_orange-c_barberton_daisy S_gerbera_jamesonii_orange-c_barberton_daisy[3] S_gerbera_jamesonii_white-c_barberton_daisy S_gerbera_jamesonii_yellow-c_barberton_daisy

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