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Geranium - Geranium_sanguineum


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This hardy Geranium was here when I bought the house. It has taken all the punishment and neglect over several years and it seems to survive. The fine leaves and the purple flowers are very pretty and could even be used as a groung cover. Its flowers most of the summer and autumn. These perennial Geraniums often called cranesbill, because of the shape of the sees pods, do not resemble the zonal Geranium, which is related, but in the genus Pelargonium.

S_geranium_sanguineum-c_geranium S_geranium_phaeum-c_cranesbill S_geranium_x_rozanne-c_cranesbill S_geranium_x_rozanne-c_cranesbill[2] S_geranium_maderense-c_madiera_cranesbill S_geranium_maderense-c_madiera_cranesbill[2] S_geranium_robertianum-c_st_roberts_wort

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