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This page as updated on 15th September 2014

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The pumpkin is also getting larger and many people wonder if it will drop on someones head. I have it tied with rope so it is fine. In a few days time I will start to enjoy ripe figs from the tree on the bay roof.

Pumpkin0914 Fig0914
Monday again and I have just finished harvesting another great crop of Physalis. The tomatoes in the front garden is also cropping well. The Olives are enlarging though many has not grown to a large size. Perhaps this is because it is in a large pot and not in the ground. This years lemons are enlarging and I will have to use the ripe ones soon. The butternut squash is also ready for plucking, but I will leave it until I want to use it.

Physalisb0914 Tomatoes0914 Olives0914 Lemons0914 Butnut0914
Surprise, surprise and what a surprise the Achema is flowering again. I am always pleased to see this plant flower. This year I have split the plant into three plants. It is placed on the trunk of the Tree Fern. The Solanum Wendlandii is still in full flower and looking magnificent against my next doors Robina. I just love this cy-colour of verbena it flowers until frost arrives.Finally the Marvel of Peru which is in the pot of the Bird of paradise is now flowering. Better late than never. The roots have grown so large that between these two plants it has split the pot and will have to be repotted later this year. A big job to do. About every 4 days or so I have another crop of runner beans which I end up giving away as I cannot use all and I do not have time to freeze them.

Achema0914 Solwendb0814 Verbena0914 Marvelofperu0914 Runbeans0914
September already. Well the front garden continues to produce food. fruits and herbs and many passerbys comment on how e=wonderful it is. The Physalis is cropping well and I am constantly picking the fruits. The peaches have produced about 30 wonderful peaches. They are of the white fleshed variety and very juicy and sweet. The sweet corn may not be large, but eaten fresh from the plant they are gorgeous and sweet. At the back, because I did not pt up my bird scarer this year all the grapes were taken by a pigeon. Sometimes I wish to wring its neck. Must get it ready for next year. The runner beans is still cropping well and I am getting a large crop after each time I remove the beans.

Physalis0914 Peaches0914 Corn0914 Grapes0914 Rbeans0914

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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