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This page as updated on 21st August 2014

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The Pumpkin running across the wire is swelling up at last and it looks like I might get a large on yet. The pink Brugmansia has opened even more flowers and looks fantastic. The Yellow Brugmansia has finally produced a flower after its sick spell. Hopefully it will improve from now on. I just love this Gladiola its bright red and white flowers does something for me. Going into the garden at night is sometimes spooky with the all seeing eye lighting up.

Pumpkinb0814 Brugmansiapnk0814 Brugmansiayel0814 Gladiolab0814 Night0814
The red Rose is still flowering well as are the Peace rose. The few apples left on the tree are ripening well. The Dahlia at the bottom of the garden is also doing its bit to enliven the garden and the petunias is also doing the same.

Roser0814 Peace0814 Apple0814 Dahlia0814 Petunia0814
The garden was enjoyed by all the visitors to my open days which are now over. The Mexican hammock have been used several times this year. Along the pathway the French marigolds are flowering their heart out and in the flower bed near the fish pong the African Marigolds are doing the same. On the bay roof with all the peppers are the sweet peppers which are looking good. At the 19th August this is what the front house looks like.

Garden0814 Marigold0814 Marigoldb0814 Sweetpeppers0814 Frontgdn0814
The enchanted Nightshades are coming to its end of flowering, but as a ground cover there are several still in flower. The Hydrangea although dropoping with its heavy heads still looks great. The jacuzzi looks so inviting I wish I have more time to enjoy it. Just above the Jacuzzi the solanum Wendlandii looks so wonderful. The White Crinum has finally fully opened its flowers. Probably because I moved the pink bariety from the front garden tot he back, has not as yet flowered.

Enchantedns0814 Hydrangea0814 Jacuzzi0814 Solwend0814 Crinumbw0814
The Bourgainvillea has also done well this year and its purple flowers liven up the garden. Both the White and pink Brugmansias or Angels trumpets are flowering for a second time. The scent in the evenings are wonderful. Next to the back door the evergreen Jasmine is also scenting up the area. This year the small Crocosmias have not flowered well, but are starting to flower.

Bourgainvillea0814 Brugmansia0814 Brugmansiab0814 Jasmine0814 Crocosmia0814
The Eucomis or Pineapple flower looks good on its own in front of the Strawberies along the pathway. The fishes are still growing and looks good. At one end ot=f the pond One type of Abutilon is flowering its heart out. and in the garden the plain and varigated Abuliton megapotamicums are in full flower. Outside the back door and in the shade the Japanese Anemone is flowering and getting taller. My friends Anemonies which are in full sun are almost over, but these are in shade and are later flowering.

Eucomis0814 Fishes0814 Abutilon0814 Abutiolonb0814 Anemone0814
The tropical Hibiscus is producing both red and white flowers and they look great. The english Hibiscus shrub is not doing well, but still flowering. I think it is coming to its end of its life. The Gladiolas have started to flower. They should look great when all is in flower.

Hibiscusr0814 Hibiscusrw0814 Hibiscusw0814 Hibiscuseng0814 Gladiola0814
Several of the roses both back and front garden are flowering for the second time this year. The pelargoniums and fuchsias are enlivening up the garden. Attached to the tree fern the ornitogallum or False Sea Onion is flowering and the Lantana is continuing its display. The White Crinum is about to flower. I did not notice it until I saw the buds about to break.

Roses0814 Pelagoniun0814 Ornitogallum0814 Lantana0814 Crinumw0814
For the open days I had photographic displays in the conservatory where I put the plants for the winter. Some pics were art pictures and some were my hobbies along with pictures of plants that have or will flower in the garden. One of my cactus is in flower and outside above the sink in the garden the Roxanne geranium is flowering its heart out. The Spirea is finishing its flowering in the garden.

Displaya0814 Displayb0814 Cactus0814 Roxanne0814 Spirea0814
Still in the front garden the sweet corn is swelling up nicely, but some are small and I will not get a great crop. The baby tomatoes in the basket have produced a great crop and so are the ones in the ground.In the greenhouse at the back the grapes are ripening well before the ones in the open. I must just add this picture from a garden several houses down. Every year they plant sunflowers and I am jealous.

Sweetcorn0814 Sunflowers0814 Tomatoes0814 Tomatoesb0814 Grapes0814
Still in the front garden the peaches have done excellent and I have started to eat them. I am also very pleased as it is the white fleshed variety which is juicy and sweet. The olives have produced its largest crop since I bought it many years ago. They are still green and will go black when ripe. On the bay roof the lemons have flowered a second time this year and many new fruit are enlarging.Along the fence all the herbs have produced well in the wall pots. I will soon cut them and freeze them for use later. There are some hazelnuts and I hope the squirrels do not find them before I can get to eat them.

Peaches0814 Olives0814 Lemon0814 Herbso814 Hazelnut0814
Still in the front garden climbing up the wall is the Pumpkins and Butternut squash. The plums did not do well this year as I had a large fruit drop and only had a few Plums, but they were very nice. The Physalis is really producing a large crop this year and will do so until the frost arrives in late december. The Habernero and other peppers are producing well on the front door roof and the pears which also had a large fruit drop is getting larger by the day.

Pumpkin0814 Plums0814 Physalis0814 Peppers0814 Pears0814
In the front garden also the Cellery is really doing well. I will have to blanch them soon, even though these are self blanching. In the pot in the fence the Cucumbers have produced some cucumbers , but now has red spider and is unlikely to produce anymore cucumbers. Climbing up the wall the Vegetable Spagetti marrow is getting larger and will be picked soon. The Runner Beans are at last producing well. The yellow Rasberries have done very well.

Celery0814 Cucumber0814 Vegspag0814 Runnerbeans0814 Rasberries0814
In the front garden hidden in the corner is the Aubergene which is swamped by the potatoes, but still managed to produce one fruit. The Broad Beans are producing, but not as well as expected. In the pot in the fence the Custard Squash has produced some squash which I have eaten in my dinner today. Also in the corner the Zuccini and the courgette is producing a second crop.

Aubergene0814 Broadbeans Cussquash0814 Zuccini0814 Strawberries0814

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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