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This page as updated on 30th June 2014

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Finally after several weeks I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as regards the garden open days. There has been so much to repair in the garden that time has not allowed me to update this website. Several things I have done up to ten years ago had to be re-done and repainted. I Have been taking pictures though, and am now updating this website in July for June. The Cherries have produced a mass of fruits and they have ripened enough for me to pick them. Just as I have started to pick them the birds started to gobble them up and I had to quickly pick the rest. The tropical Hibiscus is flowering and producing White and red flowers. It even produced a half and half red/white flower. It is beautiful, especially to me as it reminds me of my childhood when I use to make chains with the flowers. The Loganberries have produced a great crop and I have been eating them for a while now. Pitty there will not be any for the show. The Strawberries are also producing fruit and it is nice to go in the garden and pick a ripe juicy strawberry.

Cherries0614 Hibiscus0614 Loganberries0614a Loganberries0614b Strawberries0614
The Chalice vine is putting up buds and I hope to have flowers later in the month. The Foxgloves are nearly over and the Hypersicum has just started to flower. The Peace rose is still flowering well. Towards the end of the month the Chalice vine has opened its flowers. It is unfortunate that this flower only last a day before falling off and you have the flower another day before it shrivels.

Chaicevine0614 Foxgloves0614 Hypersicum0614 Peace0614 Chalicevine0614b
How about this for a hedge. I took the picture thinking it was Choisya, but it is not , but is is still a wonderful sight in the Walthamstow village. Another wonderful sight in the village is this mock orange plant. The smell is gorgeous. Yet another in the village is this Choisya hedge. Whilst in my garden The Brugmansias are flowering well, except for the yellow variety which is struggling. Hopefully it will recover for the show. The smell in the garden is exquisite in the evenings.

Whiteflower0614 Mocorange0614 Chociahedge0614 Brugmansia0614 Brugmpink0614

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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