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This page as updated on 31st May 2014

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Being so behind in getting the garden ready for my open days this website has taken a back seat for several weeks. I can only now that my first open day has come and gone update this website. Sorry to all my fans. Anyway the Deutzia this month is in full bloom and looking magnificent. The Iris in the fish pond is also giving a great display, especially as I have to reduce its size every year. The Oklahoma climbing rose is in mass bloom and looking great with all its dark red roses. In the back garden the Lantana is at last producing blooms and will continue until the winter. Finally the Peace rose is magnificent with its pink and white flowers.

Deutzia0514 Iris0514 Oklahoma0514 Lantana0514 Peace0514
The Oxalis above the fish pond is flowering its heart out. The Pond Lily cacti is still flowering well, with its wonderful pink cacti like flowers. The variegated and un variegated Abutilons are giving a great display in the garden. The Fuschias are covered in flowers as they are usually and the Cherries are ripening well in the front garden. I do hope I get to eat them before the birds gets to them.

Oxalis0514 Pondlilycac0514 Abutilon0514 Fuschia0514 Cherries0514a
I have planted garlic and onions together and many of the onions sets have rotted, but the garlic is doing well. The gooseberries are producing fruit and sadly will not be in evidence for the show. So is the Blackcurrants and Redcurrants. The plums have flowered well, but I had a large fruit drop this year and only a few fruits have developed. The peaches on the other hand has set many fruits due to my constant pollination with a soft brush.

Garlic0514 Goosberry0514 Blackcurr0514 Peace0514 Plum0514
Well it has been a while since I have had time to update this website as I have been very busy getting the garden ready for my open days in July. So I am updating it now some weeks later with pictures I took during May. What has been happening in the garden during May. I have been pruning and uprooting plants from the front to the back to get the front garden ready for Food Fruits and Herbs. The garden is in a great mess and I have been pruning the ivy for the second time this year. The weather has been so wet and cold it seems like the only thing growing is the ivy. The Amarrillis is now in full bloom and the Bird of paradise now in the garden is sending up its blooms. The Grevillea juniperia has been flowering for some time now and the individual flowers are wonderful.

Backgar0514 Amarillis0514b Birdofpar0514 Grevellia0514a Grevellia0514b

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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