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This page as updated on 30th April 2014

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I have been remiss and am just updating this website as I have been totally using all my time sorting out the garden. So I am now updating this website several weeks late with pictures I took during April. The garden has been in a mess for some while now as the front garden has been dug up and planted with Food Fruits and Herbs. The back garden is gradually being planted with the flowers from the front garden. The weather has been so wet and cold I still have not put out all the plants from the conservatory.In Flowering in April is the Pond Lily Cactus, The buds of the Amarillis is shooting up and will flower soon. The leaf Cactus has some beautiful red bell shaped flowers, The Lemon tree is hanging on to last years crop.

Conservatory0414 Pondlilycact0414 Amarillisbud0414 Leafcacti0414 Lemon0414
Orchids at the show

J43a1045 J43a1047 J43a1048 J43a1050 J43a1051
Orchids at the show

J43a1038 J43a1039 J43a1040 J43a1041 J43a1043
Orchids at the show

J43a1030 J43a1031 J43a1032 J43a1035 J43a1037
From the 10th to the 12th April the RHS hosted the RHS London Orchid Show & RHS Botanical Art at the horticultural halls in London. It was a great show as usual with many absolutely wonderful paintings and many orchids on show. I went mad and bought 3 more orchids. Where will I put them I do not know. I have selected several of the pictures I took on the day.

J43a1027 J43a1024 J43a1026 J43a1042 J43a1046

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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