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This page as updated on 30th January 2014

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Although I have not done much in the garden so far, I have started to prepare the pots for this years Food, Fruits, and Herbs exhibition in July/August. A lot more needs to be done. Inside many of the orchids are in flower. The Ladies Slipper orchid for the first time has had more than one flower. The Phalonopsis Orchids are not doing as well as expected and are very weak, but are still flowering, The Jewel Orchid has a few flower spikes. The front of the house looks bare without any plants.

Pots0114 Paqpedorchid0114 Phalanorchid0114 Jewelorchid0114 Fronthouse0114
The weather has been so mild with all the rain we have had over this winter that We have only experienced a few days of very mild frost. So many things that needed protection and was left outside have prospered. The small Tree Fern is doing very nicely near my back door where it is quite sheltered. The Cape gooseberries have not died down as usual and I hope to overwinter it for next year. Just in case I have a few young plants inside. It is only January and the Spanish Bluebells are already poking through. It all bodes well for a very early Spring. In which case one will have to watch out for a cold frosty snap during the Cherries, Peaches, plums etc flowering. The trailing Rosemary is still flowering its heart out and looks pretty in the drab winter. The Hazelnut catkins are opening already. I wonder when it will flower. It will be the earliest that it has flowered since I have had it.

Physalis0114 Treefern0114 Spanbluebells0114 Rosemayr0114 Hazelnut0114

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