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This page as updated on 30th December 2013

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The garden has taken a back seat for several weeks now and I must catch up on various garden work if I am to get next years plants going for the Food, Fruits and herbs show. The Winter Jasmine is now in full flower and looking good. The Oxalis plants in the hanging bag on the gate is till looking good, but I have now brought it nearer the front door. I am still picking Cape gooseberries but they do not taste as good as the summer ones. The Special Rosemary is still flowering its heart out in the front garden. The Stritlizia regina is starting to send up several flower stems and I look forward to having many flowers next year.

Winterjasmine1213 Oxalis1213 Physalis1213 Rosemary1213 Stritlitzia1213
I have started to prune the grape vine and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. As the Hydrangea is now dormant I have taken the opportunity to split it in two and used acidic soil hoping for blue flowers next year. The runner beans have all died down now and the Nastursums have taken over the bed. As we have not had any serious frosts so far it is still thriving. I have placed the pelargoniums and other tender plants near the house in the pathway in order to protect them from the frost. This has been the warmest winter season for many a year and probably the warmest on record. The Hardy Cyclamens are still flowering as there has been no frost to knocked them back.

Grapes1213 Hydrangea1213 Beanbed1213 Pelargonia1213 Cyclamen1213

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Happy gardening

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