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This page as updated on 30th November 2013

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I have been very busy with many other interests and have not been updating this website as I would wish. I also lost many of the pictures I took, amongst the thousands of pictures I usually take, which has compounded the delay in updating this website. In the back garden the winter Jasmine has already started to flower. The Sweet box (Sarcococca Confusa) has lots of berries from last years flowering and is about to start flowering again. I have brought inside most of the tender plants like the Iochroma, Bourgainvillea, and Large Tree Fern. Several more needs to be brought inside, but they are a little hardier and can wait a little longer depending on when the cold snap really gets going.

Winterjas1113 Boxus1113 Insideplants1113 Insideplantsb1113 Insideplantsc1113
The weather has now turned cold and all the leaves on the grapevines have fallen. I will wast until about the end of December before pruning. From this time until about the beginning of March it is the best time to do any pruning of deciduous trees and shrubs. Disease wood especially should be pruned out to beyond good wood. In these two pictures it is suspected the disease is Fire Blight on Ceanothus and the damage to the wood and vascular bundles of the tree can clearly be seen. Pruning will have to be well beyond good healthy wood. The high winds we have experienced did not do much damage tot he garden, but has blown over many pots. Even the large Brugmansia on the roof, which was tied on was blown down.

Grapes1113 Disease1113 Diseaseb1113 Winddamage1113 Front garden1113

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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