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This page as updated on 30th October 2013

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I have been very amis in updating this website as I have been on several holidays and other activities as sailing, diving, boating and family events. So I am doing this updating very late so my apologies. The rose hips in the back garden is ripe for picking and I will not wait for the frost to pick them to make syrup. Very good for vitimin C. The Physalis is still producing well in the back garden. I am toying with the idea of trying to keep them going for next year. This will entail bringing them inside for the winter. The Abutilon is also still producing their brilliant red and yellow flowers. The Hibiscus dis not do very well last year and I had kept it inside for most of the year. I was surprised to find a multi coloured red and white flower being produced. The Goji berries which should be very hardy has never flowered so I decided to bring it inside the greenhouse only to find it had started to flower. I will now keep it inside until next year.

Rosehips1013 Physalis1013 Physalis1013 Hibiscus1013 Goji1013
At the beginning of the month the Anemonies are still in bloom as I have them in a shaded area.The peppers grown in a pot on the front fence has been harvested and pickled for culinary use later in the months to come. The bird scarer has kept the pigeons from the grapes in the garden and I am very pleased with the results for a very minimal effort. The Dahlias has been flowering well, but I have not staked them and many has flopper over. The front wall still looks great for the time of the year.

Anemones1013 Peppers1013 Scarer1013 Dahlia1013 Frontwall1013

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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