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This page as updated on 30th September 2013

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I have been emptying the compost bin and mulching several plants in the garden. There are many worms in the compost that will enhance the fertility of the garden. In the front the Golden Rod is flowering so is the Iochroma and the Lantana.

Compost0913 Worms1913 Goldenrod0913 Iochroma0913 Lantana0913
The ggrapes are still not fully ripe and the weather is turning cold. This year I did not loose many of the grapes as I made a bird scarer from a yellow plastic bag and some permanent ink. It is made by passing wire through the plastic and shaping it into a bird shape. I then suspended it with some fine fishing line on a long pole to have the wind flutter it about above the grapes. The local pigeon seems to have kept away although it is nearby. With the wind blowing it seems alive and done the trick of protecting the grapes from hungry beaks. The Apples are still ripening as the weather gets cold. Most fruit trees are late as the winter and spring this year was so cold and long. The pears are edible like conference pears, but will probably have to be picked and ripen indoors. Another fruit tree that has finally flowered id the Goji Berries and I hope to have many fruits next year.

Grapes0913 Birdscare0913 Apples0913 Pear0913 Gojiberry0913
The Cape Gooseberries are still ripening and I have eaten the last Nectarine. The runner Beans at the front gate is still producing well. At the back the Rose Hips are almost ready for collecting and turning into Rose Hip syrup. The ornamental peppers are looking striking at the front passageway.

Brugmansia0913 Blkflies0913 Lobelia0913 Plumbago0913 Orchids0913
The Brugmansias did not do very well this year perhaps they need repotting with fresh compost. The Nastursums are suffering as I have not sprayed for some weeks and the blackflies have run amock amongst the nastursums. In the pots the blue lobelia looks great and the Plumbago has finally recovered from last years long cold winter and spring. In the front window several of the orchids are still producing flowers.

Capegoosb0913 Nectarine0913 Rbeans0913 Rosehip0913 Tomato0913
At the back garden the variegated Abutilon is doing well amongst the other climbers. The Japanese Anemone is still flowering. At the front of the house the wall pots are still looking good as the weather cools in preparation for Autumn. The Michaelmas Daisies are at their best at the moment and the Roxanne geranium is having a second flush of flowers.

Abutilonb0913 Anemone0913 Hsewall0913 Mdaisy0913 Roxanne0913
In the front garden the Fuschia in the pots on the fence are flowering well. Most of the roses are having a second flush of flowers. The Vodo Lilies are starting to fall over and getting ready to die down. In the front garden the tomatoes at the gate may not ripen in time, but I live in hope. Most of the roses have caught blackspot in one form or another. I will spray them later.

Fuschia0913 Rose0913 Vodolily0913 Solwend0913 Blkspot0913

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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