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This page as updated on 31st August 2013

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In the front garden the Bougainvillaea is now in full bloom and looking magnificent against the white and blue of the house. The front garden has filled up with all kind of flowers and looking great.At the back inside the Hoya has now fully opened and scented the whole house for a few weeks now. In the front garden the Hydrangea provided a lovely display with its large pink mass of flowers along with the roses in the front garden, some of which produced this magnificent display.

Bougainvillea0813 Frontgdn0813 Hoya0813 Hydrangea0813 Roses0813
Gardening always give you some surprises and as I went into the greenhouse I saw that one of my Tillansia air plants was flowering and also in the back garden the White phlox which I taught had died was alive and flowering alongside the purple Phlox. In the conservatory the Nephantes did well in the hot spell we has in August and produced a number of new cups. Outside the back door the Jasmine was flowering and scenting the area. and in the same pot as the Bird of paradise the Marvel of peru is providing a great late summer display.

Tillandsia0813 Phloxb0813 Nephantes0813 Jasmine0813 Marofperu0813
On the front fence the black Eye Susan is giving a great display.The Dahlia's in the back garden has at long last started to flower. The Ivy leaf Geranium in the basket in the front garden is looking great. The hardy Hibiscus in the back garden has suffered over the years, but is still flowering. The red and white Gladioli's produced a magnificent display in the chimney pots standing tall through the other vegetation.

Beyesusan0813 Dahlia0813 Geraniumivy0813 Gladioli0813 Hibiscushdy0813
There are still some blueberries to be picked. The lemon which was kept inside is fruiting well enough considering it had such a cold start to the year. At the front gate the runner beans are producing lots of runner beans and at the back the Cape Gooseberries are covered in fruits The Roses are almost as tall as the all seeing eye sculpture.

Blueberry0813 Lemon0813 Runbeans0813 Eye0813 Physalis0813
Both types of Abutilon are flowering well. The deep purple Buddleiais putting on a great display and attracting many butterflies. The Crinums in the front garden are flowering with their large pink tubular bell shape flowers. In the greenhouse the Small Hoya has started to flower.

Abutilon0813 Abutilonb0813 Buddleia0813 Crinum0813 Hoyasma0813
The Tomatoes are swelling up at last as the warm weather continues. The Grape vine has had its summer prune to encourage the grapes outside to swell up, One of my cactii is flowering and the big one outside is doing well. The Phlox has started to flower and scent the garden.

Tomato0813 Grapes0813 Cactus0813 Cactusb0813 Phlox0813

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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