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This page as updated on 29th April 2013

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It is now late April and still very cold and most trees and plants are just started to flower. They will all flower together when they start to flower. At the moment the Spanish Bluebells are just poking through. Inside the Dancing ladies orchid has finally opened up and is scenting the room. Several other orchids are flowering like the pink Phalanopsis and the Ladies Slipper orchid. The Amaryllis from last year is also flowering.

Spbluebells0413 Phalanopsis0413 Oncidium0413 Paphiopedilum0413 Amarallis0413
This year has been the coldest I have ever known. It is now mid April and the Pear tree is just in full bloom. This pear tree usually flowers late february. The Kerria japonica is also just in full bloom. I am just putting outside some of the hardier plants like the Tree fern and the garden is still in a mess from the winter. The Solomon's Seal is also just started to flower. The Marsh Marigold is also putting on a great display.

Pear0413 Kerrierj0413 Backgdn0413 Solomons0413 Marshmarigold0413

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