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This January we have seen the most snow in London for a long time and I spent mst of it indoors or doing other things. I had just planted some Polyanthus and hardy Cyclamen which has succumbed to the frost after the snow. The Yucca flower has finally succumbed to the frost. Next Door Magnolia is covered in flower buds and should give a great display next month or March. The winter pansies are struggling to hang on, but I think they have had it now. The table over the fish pond was covered in about three inches of snow but the water did not freeze.

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In the cold inside the back conservatory the Lady's Slipper Orchid is sending up a flower spike. The one in the front window is doing the same. Also in the back conservatory flowering away is the Pinguicula. This variety is one of the larger Butterworths, probably moranensis, but I am not sure. Also in the back the aphids are attacking the Brugmansias and spraying is necessary. In the front window sill several orchids are sending up flower spikes and one or two are flowering. Here the Dendrobium are flowerinf also the Jewel orchid with their long raceme of small pinkish white flowers.

Plananopsis150113 Pinguicula150113 Aphids150113 Dendrobium150113 Jewelorchid150113

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