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This page as updated on 28th December 2012

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During the warm part of the afternoon today i have started to prune the grape vine. Over the next few weeks I will complete all the pruning. In the back garden the Abutilon megapotamicum has come through the winter well and is still in flower. The Queen of Tears is looking well in the front garden. During the summer it was looking quite tatty. The Rosemary is flowering well and will continue doing so until about May/June. Next doors Prunus is scenting up the back garden in the afternoon.

Grapeprn1212 Abutilon1212 Queenstears1212 Rosemary1212 Prunus1212
I have taken a chance and left the Aeonium on the wall outside this year ans so far it seems to be surviving well enough. In the back garden the Hazelnut is producing its catkins in time for the March flowering when most of the catkins open just before it flowers. This helps cross pollination. At the back I have been removing some of the growth from the pond plants,I will have to chop back the jasmine as otherwise it will take over the garden and nearby plants, which is the large Tree Fern. The Hebe in the front garden is getting ready to flower and is growing well again.

Aeonium1212 Hazelnut1212 Snowgrass1212 Jasmine1212 Hebe1212
I know it is now late December and I have not updated this website for a while, but Christmas and other activities got in the way. I am now trying to make amends as the garden is in a state at the moment. Today the weather was relatively warm and I went out and did a little tiding up and started pruning the grape vine. The small tree Fern has been brought inside when heavy frost is expected, but generally lives outside the back door where it is slightly protected by the house. The pansies in the front garden are struggling to flower, but still alive. Next door's Magnolia is getting ready to flower.

Treefern1212 Insideplnts1212 Pansyyel1212 Pansyblue1212 Magnolia1212

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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