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This page as updated on 29th November 2012

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The Ensette is surviving well outside, but I think it will benefit from being brought inside. The front door entrance is packed at the mo as I have not had time to sort the plants I have brought inside.

Ensette1112 Inside1112
Sorry everyone, been enjoying myself on the river too much. Gardening has taken a back seat until today when a frost is expected and I must bring inside all my big plants. Luckily my friend Franc was here early and help me get them down from the roof and other places. I am still leaving outside some of the hardier ones like th tree fern and cestrum and a few others. The front garden is now looking a bit bare. The Iochroma was the largest to be brought inside and had to be bent over inside the back. I am now running out of space at the back to store plants. The Yucca is still wanting to flower, but I think the frost will get it before it can flower. I just noticed it was covered in blackflies, must spray. The Oxalis on the front gate is still holding its own. I think I will bring these inside this year and see if they do better next year. The front garden is now looking a little bare, but there are still some life in the plants left. After bringing the plants inside the clearing up is next.

Iochroma1112 Yucca1112 Frontgdn1112 Oxalis1112 Sweep1112

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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