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This page as updated on 31st October 2012

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One of those major jobs that needed doing was the roof space where I keep plants over the winter. Unfortunately when I removed everything from the roof I found that the wall needed pointing urgently, before the frost came. I now need to clean up and replace everything I removed from the roof space. Plants are starting to be brought inside before the frost begins. The shelving has been replaced and over the next few weeks all the tender plants will be brought inside. There are still orchids flowering inside and the new Amarillys bulbs are starting to shoot. The ones I keep going through the year still have leaves on. They will flower later,

Roof1012 Plantsindrs1012 Orchid1012 Orchidb1012 Amarallis1012
Time is flying so fast and there is so much to do in the garden. Unfortunately it has had to take second place to some urgent work. Still the front garden is still looking good, if a little ragged. The bourgainvillia is still flowering well and so is the Fuchsia and Iochroma. At this time of the year there are many seeds to collect and I am collecting them slowly.

Frontgdnb1012 Bourgainvillia1012 Fuchsia1012 Iochroma1012 Seeds1012
October already and I have so much to do in the garden, which has been taking a back seat whilst I get on with other things. My kind of gardening is so uplifting as there is always a surprise waiting for you somewhere. I was passing the front garden and suddenly I noticed that my Yucca which I repotted earlier in the year had sent up a flowering spike. I do hope it flowers before the forst arrives. The Front garden is also still looking great for the time of year. The Castor Oil plant and the Cannas has also started to flower. The pansies are also giving a wonderful show. I was disappointed with the Brugmansias or Angels trumpet this year, but they are still flowering and adding to the garden.

Yucca1012 Frontgdn1012 Castoroil1012 Pansiesb1012 Brugmansia1012

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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