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This page as updated on 24th July 2007

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This month has been a topsy turvy month with the most horrendous tragedy and many good and happy days. I almost did not get the Open Day show ready on time I was still cleaning on the day of the show. I had to go away for a week as the father in-law got murdered during a robbery and on a happier note my step daughter Gwendolyn passed out from her law degree from London University Queens Mary's and the son in law got straight A's in his Masters. He graduates from his Masters in Electronics in two years time. When he does all my kids would have passed out with various 1st or second class degrees. I am very proud of all of them. More bad luck someone ran into the side of my car and put a big dent in the door. The 1st Open Day show went very well with lots of new visitors paying their two pounds entrance fee and buying plants , teas and cakes. Weather permitting I expect next Sunday to be even better. Hazels Art exhibition was a hit with many visitors. Many tender plants were not in flower, but everyone said it was a wonderful garden to visit. I am sad a some of my specials like the Golden Chalice vine and Sky Flower (Duranta erecta)were not flowering. I have placed pictures on some of the non flowering plants. By next Sunday I expect that the Poderama and one or two others to be in flower. The Bat plant looks good, but is easily missed next to the pond. I managed to get to see the last of the Hampton Court flower show and below are some pictures I took on the last day. My friend Kwame as usual took charge of the plant sale and entrance fee collection, whilst his wife Rosalee did the tea and cakes. I must say a special thanks to my friend Frank David for all his help leading up to the open day. After five years of not producing a single leaf I finally got my Cycad to produce new leaves using some bottom heat.

Cycad Kwame Plantsale Gwengrad Hazel07
These next five pictures show some of my visitors to my Open Day. Some visitors wished to jump into the jacuzzi, but as they did not have swim wear they were shy. So if you want to try the jacuzzi bring your gear. At the end of the day the jacuzzi was so hot and enticing I spent a long time getting a massage and dosing in the hammock.

Visitors2 Donjaccuzi Visitors3 Visitors5 Visitors1
I rarely have time to discus many of the gardens when I go to shows. This was particularly so with Hampton court flower show as I got myself lost and a one and a half hour journey eventually took three hours. My Tom-Tom refused to accept Hampton Court. I got in just before the show closed and all I had time to do was to quickly take pictures of most of the gardens look at them at home. I collected some leaflets from some and eventually when I have time will read them. I hope you can also enjoy them with me if you did not get to see the show. Many gardens were inspirational all were worth going to see. At the end of the show there was the usual rush to buy the display plants many bargains were to be had. I bought many new plants that will be used in next years show.

Hampctgarden4 Hampctgarden5 Hampctgarden6 Hampctend1 Hampctend2
This next group of five pictures from Hampton Court Flower showShow various garden designs. The Daily Mail always build a cottage and design a garden around the cottage. This years theme is the TV show The Darling Buds of May. Whichever theme they select it is always spectacular as can be seen by the numbers of visitors looking at the garden. I thought that the grass garden was not to my taste, but it was very pretty. The topiary garden for me was also not to my taste, but it was stunning in a formal way. It remind me of a garden in Cornwall where many different forms of conifers. I always taught that conifers were boring until I saw this garden. The water garden was also very pretty, but for me it was too modern.

Hampctdailymail Hampctgarden1 Hampctgarden1b Hampctgarden2 Hampctgarden3
These pictures show the floral display in the marque. The orchids display was spectacular and the Hostas display shows what can be achieved without flowers. The care that must have been taken with bonsai can only be imagined. These pieces of art really look like real trees. I do not have the time to devote to Bonsai, but I do enjoy having one or two about. The Pelagoniums display showed a small range of flowers that can be obtained using these plants. Something I use in my garden is driftwood. The shapes that trees can eventually attain is wonderful. I use a piece of tree trunk that was going to be burnt for firewood. I just had to rescue it.

Hampctorchidsdisp Hampcthostas Hampctbonsi Hampctdisp1 Hampctdriftwood
Ornaments in the garden can add to the ambiance of any garden. The firms displaying there wares in these pictures really produce some stunning art work for the garden. True art is always expensive and some of these pieces are expensive, but If I could afford them I would certainly buy a few. In the mean time I have to rely on plastic replicas. Eventually these weather and look like real art.

Hamctlake Hampctstatues1 Hampctstatues2 Hampctstatues3 Hampctstoneballs

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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