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This page as updated on 22nd September 2012

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In the front garden the Sky flower is in full bloom. The Pentas is atteracting many bumblebees feeding on its nectar. The castor oil plant and the cannas is giving a good display with their reddish/bronze leaves. Being of the cabbage family the nastursums are being attacked by cabbage white caterpillars, whilst on the wall near the guttering the wall pots are looking good..

Skyflower0912 Pentas0912 Castoroil0912 Cabbwhite0912 Wallpots0912
Many of the roses in th eback garden is flowering well and adding colour at this usually bleak time of the year. The Japanese Anemone is also flowering well in the back garden. It looks like I might not get many figs this year. The weather has been so cold and wet for so long the fruits might not ripen. The colour has returned to the tradiscantia and looks like it is floering. Inside the Stepelia is flowering well.

Rose0912 Anenome0912 Stapelia0912 Figs0912 Tradiscant0912
Well the garden has taken a back seat for the past few weeks as I catch up on other things I wanted to do. In the mean time several of the orchids has been continuing to flower well. The white Phalanopsis in the front room has now been in flower for several months now and it has not as yet lost a flower. The pond Lily Cactus has flowered again and looks almost like an orchid.

Orchida0912 Orchidb0912 Orchidc0912 Orchidd0912 Pondlilycactus0912

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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