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It's now the end of the month and the second Open Day went much as the first with just a few more visitors. The garden is still improving in some ways and as many of the fruit trees have finished the back garden is looking a bit jade. In the front garden at long last my favourite Morning Glory has started to flower. At the back the rasberries has been picked and eaten. This yellow variety has very good flavour. In the front the Oxalis on both gate posts are flowering their hearts out. Also in the front the Marvel of Peru is starting to take over. The Hydrangea is looking great, but as it is in a pot it seems to need lots of water.

Mornglory0712 Rasberry0712 Oxalis0712 Marvelofperu0712 Hydrangea0712
The first Open Day fo thei year was yesterday. It was a success although visitors were down compared to last year. I am told I did well as there were many other activities around the area including the Olympic relay torch. Our congrats to our friend Tereasa Deacon one of the driving force behind the Walthamstow Village Residents Association. Our friend Qwame was unable to do the usual entrance gate collections and our friend Frank stepped into the breach. He did a wonderful job and sold many plants. The Jacuzzi was used by several guests and at the end of the day I used it for the first time for this year. There is a new Artwork in the garden a glass teardrop which will reflect the garden upside down when filled.

Openday0712 Frank0712 Plants0712 Jacuzzi0712 Artwork0712
The Brugmansia or Angels Trumpets are finally putting on some growth and some are flowering. The Verigated Yellow Brugmansia has had its first flush of flowers and is looking great. The Ipomea has put on at least 1 foot of growth on the first full sunny day with high-ish temperature for months.The front path is also looking great and the whole front garden is looking pretty good.

Pinkbrugmansia0712 Vgtdbrugmansia0712 Ipomea0712 Frontpath0712 Frontgdn0712
I have planned that the Brugmansia will form the backbone of the display this year, but the cold wet weather this year is putting a severe check on these trees. I do hope they will pick up soon. Another rose similar to the climbing oklahoma is this one. There is something about roses in a garden that is priceless. They also scent up the garden. Orchids can be a little on the expensive side, but the display you receive for so long is very cost effective as this one in my front room shows. One of my favourite day lilies have finally started to flower in the front garden. And the Solanum Wendlandii across the front entrance is going to be the best it has flowered ever.

Brugmansia0712 Rose0712 Frrmorchid0712 Daylilycl0712 Solwnnd0712
The Salvia hot lips is giving a mass display in the back garden. This is a hardy plant thatt returns every year. There are many diferent colours of Lobelias, but this one is one of my favourite. They flower their hearts out until struck down by frost. The pots on the front of the house up to the guttering are at last starting to bulk up and are starting to look great. The front fence is also looking good with Thumbergia, black eye susan and Nastursums taking over. I have a new Abutilon that is flowering its heart out in the front garden. It is a small version of the larger tree types.

Salviahl0712 Lobelia0712 Housewall0712 Frontwall0712 Abutilon0712
The half standard Pentas that I have bought earlier this year is giving a massive display in the front garden. I love this plant as it continues to flower until the frost. I love this hardy geranium roxanne. It flowers continually until the winter, with these wonderful blue flowers. This climbing rose oklahoma is not vigorous, but with gentle pruning it flowers through the summer and autumn. The scent is like the roses of old. The Hypericum in the back garden is staerting to flower. Its flowers are wonderful when the shrub is in full bloom and covered with these brilliant yellow flowers. The fuchsia boliviana is also flowering despite not being in the best of health.

Pentasstnd0712 Roxanne0712 Clrose0712 Hypericum0712 Fuchbol0712
I was hoping that the cold wet weather we have been experiencing would put a check on the Loganberries and they would look like this on the open day, but as the sun has come out for a few days ithey are ripening fast. I have the pleasure of eating them when I am in the garde, Getting one of my five a day fruits. The Olive tree is flowering well and I do hope I have more fruit than I did last year. The Hazelnut are also setting some nuts, but you have to look closely to find them at the moment. The last of the Gooseberries will have to be picked soon or they will fall for the slugs and snails. One recurring pest is Wooly aphids on my apple tree. I keep spraying, but they always return. Anyone knows a better way of getting rid of this pest, I would like to hear.

Loganberries0712 Olive0712 Hazelnut0712 Gseberry0712 Wollyaphid0712

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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