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This page as updated on 24th June 2012

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Strawberries are nearly ready for picking. The Grapes flowering outside are just flowering and the branch inside has already got large grapes. The Plum tree is laden with plums and I should get a good crop from them. The Peaches are also swelling up nicely.

Strawberry0612 Grapesb0612 Grapes0612 Plums0612 Peach0612
The Lemon tree was blown down from its pearch and suffered some slight damage. The Pomegranate is about to flower. It is a splendid flower even if it does not set fruit. The Nectarines are swelling up nicely as are the pears. The pears suffered this year due to flowering too early before its pollinating trees were flowering. I should have a bumper crop of Loganberries this year.

Lemon0612 Pomegraniate0612 Nectarines0612 Pears0612 Loganbry0612
Most things are at least one month behind this year. The Vodo Lilies are just flowering, when by now they usually have leaves already. The Spirea is just coming into bloom. I do hope it is not all over before my Open Days. The Jasmine which always tries to take over the Tree Fern is about to burst into bloom. One of my favourite rose, the Peace rose is having its second flush of flowers. And my Oxalis above the pond is giving a splendid display.

Vodolily0612 Spirea0612 Jasmine0612 Peacerose0612 Oxalis0612
Its now June and I am frantically trying to get the garden ready for my open days in about 5 weeks time. I have decided to make the Angels Trumbets, Burgmansias the center pieces, but the cold weather we are having is preventing most plants from growing. I have also left the Daffodils to grow as long as I could before digging them up. This has made me well late for planting. I do hope it turns out well. Both front and back gardens are in a state at the moment and I have many hours of work to get them up to scratch. Pictures will have to wait a while.
Finally I have a spare mo to include some pictures.
The Dutzia has been in flower for a while now and the bumblebees are loving it. The white and the green and white Calla lilies are in full flower. I was about to throw away my australian Bottle brush plant as last years frost seems to have killed it off, I left it on the compost pile for some weeks and just noticed it is sprouting again. The fuchsia Boliviana is flowering, but the leaves do not look right. It looks like it has caught a virus. I forgot to spray my hostas with Slug Clear and the slugs and snails had a field day. I do hope it recovers for my Open day. The Arum itilicum, in the picture with the hostas, is in the procwess of dying down.

Dutzia0612 Calla0612 Austrbottbrsh0612 Fuchboliviana0612 Hostas0612

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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