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Now is the time to repair all those gardening tools in preparation for all those tasks that are about to need doing. I have now pruned the grape vines and taken some cuttings and placed them in a deep pot. The Hydrangea is about to be pruned and shaped for the coming season. And finally most of my strawberry off-shoots are coming into leaf. I am looking forward to lots of strawberries in June.

Tools0112 Grapeprn0112 Grapecut0112 Hydrang0112 Strawberry0112
Pests are gearing up to attack at first sign of growth. Here Wooly Aphids are multiplying in the warm winter we are experiencing. I must get out there and spray and winter tar wash the Apple tree. Back to flowers The Buxus balearica is scenting up the garden with its sweet and powerful scent for such a small plant. The Abutilons are flowering well. My replacement Acasia is getting ready to flower in February and Grevillea is covered in flower buds.

Wollyaphid0112 Boxus0112 Abutilon0112 Acasia0112 Grevillea0112
I was out in the garden this morning doing some pruning of the grape vines and roses when I noticed aphids on the chives that has not been totally killed off by frost. also under the leaves of a cauliflower that was growing wild there was a nother type of aphids. As expected this year will be a great year for pests. On a human level it is nice not to have the frost as we enjoy the warmer weather, but this warm winter will cause farmers, growers and gardeners a lot of problems. This is because many pests and fungi that usually gets killed by the forst will survive and infect plants as soon as they start to grow. SO WATCH OUT KEEP AN EAGLE EYE ON YOUR PLANTS FOR THE FIRST SIGN OF PESTS. In my next door neighbour their prunus has been in flower since the begining of November and wil continue to flower until march. The scent in the garden in the afternoon is wonderful. This is certainly a tree for the winter. Now is the best time to prune almost all decideous trees and plants. If you have a greenhouse or a windowsil dont forget to take all those cuttings that you promised yourselves.

Aphida0112 Aphidb0112 Prunus1201 Pruning0112 Cuttings0112
Well it's here. The new year and another gardening challenge to overcome. This year I believe will be inundated with pests of one kind or another, due to the very warm winter we have just encountered. The frost here in London has been very few and not very hard. Therefore most pests that are usually killed off has survived. Therefore watch your plants earlier than usual and check for the many pests that will be around. Spring will be very early and it wil be an interesting year as so far this has been the mildest winter we have ever experienced over here. Probably since records began. Global warming is surely running out of control. Anyway I have caught this caterpillar hiding in my Physalis that has survived and is still fruiting in the front garden. I will try and save it and transplant it to the back garden as it is a herbaceous plant. Inside the Ladies slipper palnt that I split earlier in the year has flowered again. I must be doing something right for this plant. At the back the Christmas Cacti is still flowering. My special Rosemary that flowers for about ten months of the year is in bloom and the Physalis or Cape gooseberry is still fruiting as the frost was not severe enough to kill it.

Caterpillar1201 Ppedelum1201 Xmascacti1201 Rosemary1201 Physalis1201

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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