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Well it is the 31st October and it is Haloween. My friend persuaded me to cut up two pumpkins and put some candles inside and place them in the front garden. I had to run to the store to get somne sweets as we expected many children to knock at the door. It seems that the kids over here only knock on doors that appear to be taking part as before the pumpkins werein the front garden no one knocked although we herd them outside in the street. It was a fun couple of hours and some of the costumes were great. It was nice to see that there almost all the kids that arrived were so well behaved and only took one or two sweets from the tin of Quality street chocklates. They were so excited and had much fun. On one occasion I opened the top window and growled "You Can't get me" and the very young couple of kids ran screeming away to their mums and dads. The came back when I opened the door. Sorry for scaring you kids, but it was Haloween. Although it was hard work answering the door every few minutes I think this American trasition is one to encourage as it gets you introduced to some of the locals in your area. Next year if I am here I will get a really scary costume. I say if I am here because the local council has brought in Controlled Parking in the area and it is destroying the area and I do not want to live in an area where your friends cannot visit without the threat of being towed away. The people voted against CPZ, but the money grabbing council did not listen and has gone ahead with the scheme. So far my road has not got it, but the residents from the adjacent area is parking in my street and causing me parking problems that was not there before.

Haloween1 Haloween2 Haloween3 Haloween4 Haloween5
The Aristolocia is now fully opened and will darken over the next few days. The Stags fern is doing well on one side. I do hope it survives the winter again. The small Ornitogallum that did not sell on the Open days is now in flower. Inside I thought that you might be interested in some of the orchids that are at present flowering in my front window. The last of the peppers are in and I finally managed to dig up the potatoes from my large pot. Scab was worse as I left them in too long.

Aristolocia1011 Stagfern1011 Ornit1011 Orchid1011 Finalcrop1011
The Onions and shallots have not done too bad this year. These were in a tray on the bay roof. I have still to harvest the ones in the garden. There are still lots of tomatoes to eat and use in cooking. The Blue Ginger is flowering in the conservatory as is the Lemon tree, which is scenting the area with its wonderful scent. The Cattleya Orchid is now fully opened and looking magnificent.

Onion1011 Toatoes1011 Blueginger1011 Lemonflower1011 Cattlea1011
I love my neighbour's Robina tree, but it does get large at this time and it drops all its leaves in the Jacuzzi. Must get the cover on. My veriagated Angels Trumpet has finally taken off. I wonder if it has penetrated the pot and entered the soil. If so, more work when I have to bring it inside. The Physalsi or Cape Gooseberry is really producing lots of fruits I wonder how much more will ripen before the frost. My nastursums in the front garden has been covered with blackflies, which I have left for the ladybirds to eat at their leasure. I have noticed a caterpillar on them also I wonder if it is the Box Tree Moth. The Runner beans are also still producing well.

Robina1011 Angelstr1011 Physalis1011 Blkflies1011 Runerbns1011
Gardening in any of its form can give you such uplifting spirits. I had pondered why my Cattelya orchid did not flower this summer and had given up on it for this year. I started to clean my windowsill of orchids and found to my surprise that it was flowering against the window. The same with my Hankerchief plant Aristolocia, which I fed a heavy dose of potassium. It has suddenly started to flower this late in the Autumn. Both these plants have uplifted my spirits this week. In the front garden the Solanum peppino Gold is refusing to ripen, perhaps because it is in a shaded area, but the fruits have fully developed. There are plenty of peppers to harvest and still a couple of Aubergenes to crop.

Cattleya1011 Hannkerchief1011 Solpepgld1011 Peppers1011 Aubergene1011

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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