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My Stanhopia has finally opened. The scent is not as powerful as I expected, but it is still an interesting orchid. In the front garden the Cape Gooseberry is loaded with its lanterned berries. Many are starting to ripen. My favourite small plum tomatoes are ripening at last. So is th epeppers above the front door. The Olive tree flowered profusely but only a few Olives have set. The cold weather is probably to blame.

Stanhopeab0811 Capegoose0811 Toms0811 Peppers0811 Olive0811
I had a very pleasant surprise yesterday. I was checking my Stahnopia Orchid to see if any flower buds were coming through the compost and when I moved the container I found these two large flower buds that are about to open. I can't wait to see if fully open. In the front garden the plums are ripening and being eaten. I did not crop the Globe Artichoke and left it to flower. I think it is a large, very pretty, thistle like flower. The Hazelnuts are enlarging and will soon be able to be cropped. MY large tomatoes are about a month late this year. SO is the small yellow plums which are just ripening. The cherry types are nearly all ripe and have been cropped for a month now.

Stanhopia0811 Plums0811 Globeart0811 Hazelnut0811 Tomatoes0811
My Bougaivillea has finally started to flower after its setback by frost in April. I put it outside without cover and forgot to check the weather forcast. It is nice to see an old friend return. There are ..... I will finish this tomorrow hopefully. The Cleome is still flowering well and adding interest to the garden. The Nastursums that are taking over the French Marigolds are looking splendid. There seems to be mainly red Nastursums here. Petunias are such a wonderful plant for the garden especially where it can hang down. Here it is in a basket hung on the neighbour Robina tree. It is so sad that the young are not getting the guidance they once got. I have had a young man around 18 years four times damaging my fruit trees. He is a man with olive complection. This time he has snapped the small pear tree in order to steal the unripe fruit off the tree. At least I think it is him again as I have not checked the video of it as yet. I must say though that this is the first year I have had such diliberate damage to the garden and almost everyone enjoy the garden and leave the Food, Fruit and herbs alone. Having been a teacher I do know why the dispicable riots happened in this country last week. It will happen again unless we all wake up and give hte minority of young proper leadership, boundaries, discipline and role models. No good the politicians, industry leaders and bankers just blaming various sections of our community. They must also look at their thieving ways.

Bourgainvilea0811 Cleome0811 Nastursum0811 Petunias0811 Thief0811
So what else is in flower at this moment in time. The Japanese Anemone has finally started to flower. I am a little disapponted with the Aeonium cuneatum this year as they did not flower, but are sending up many offshoots from which I can propagate new plants. he grapes outside is starting to ripen and I am now eating the ones inside the greenhouse. The Hibiscus is still flowering well and the peace rose looks majestic.

Anemone0811 Aeonium0811 Grapes0811 Hibiscus0811b Peace0811
Well It was the last Open Day for this year. It was a resounding success as I raised more mony than last year, about £350 more. On a rough check we made just over £1200. One strange fact is that we had the same number of visiters from far and wide every Open Day, despite the rain, most strange coincidence. Several visitors made use of the Jacuzzi and it was nice to see them having a nice time. Many visitors came from miles away such as Kent, Surrey, Hamersmith and other far away places. I think we made nearly about £200 pounds on teas and cakes. I still have to tally all the monies which I will do shortly. Many thanks for all those that came and visited. The Lemons on the bay roof is geting larger and there is still one or two flowers on the tree. In the back garden the yellow Canna has finally start flowering.

Jacuzzi0811 Openday0811 Teas0811 Lemon0811 Yelcanna0811
The combination of the Solanum Wendlandii and my neighbours light green Robina is putting on a great display as the Solanum is now in full flowering. The Hydrangea has not turned blue as I wished, but it is wonderful with the whitish pink flowers. The Brugmansia's are all flowering and scenting the garden in the evening. The Achillea Ptarmica in the pond is covered with a mass of daisy type flowers and the Abutilons are producing these wonderful red and yellow flowers.

Solwend0811 Hydrang0811 Brugman0811 Aptarmica0811 Abutil0811
Its now August and one more day of Open Day to go on Sunday. The weather does not look favourable, but there is some hope. We need as many visitors as possible to enable us to beat last years total of monies raised for the NGS Charity. This National Charity supports many worthy causes like Macmillian Nurses, Cancer research, Marie Curie, Soldiers charity and a gardening charity. Last year they dished out 2.6 Million pounds to these charities. So please come and help me break my last years total. So what's blooming in the garden. The Hoya is now in full flower after last years hacking back. The Tropical Hibiscus which gives white and red blooms are also flowering. The Crinums are just coming into flower. The Persicaria is also attracting many honey and Bumblebees to the garden. It also looks great in the shaded corner of the garden.

Hoya0811 Mimmosapudica0811 Hibiscus0811 Crinum0811 Persicaria0811

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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