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MY third Open Day was as good as the previous two. A strange thing has happened we had the same amount of visitors on each of the three days. How strange. It seemed as the busiest of the days so far, but the tickets says the same number arrived on each of the three days. I wonder how much we will have on the last day the 7th August. Still everyone had a good time and I have been persuaded to have a visitors book, which I must organise. As usual Hazel was in the front room explaining many of her art techniques. Suna arrived again to help and did a wonderful job serving teas and cakes etc. Her poems were stuck up around the route. At the end of the day several of the helpers enjoyed the jacuzzi as it was warm. I did not get a chance to enjoy it, but I have it all the time if I wish. In the garden The nastursums are fighting with the French marigolds for possession of the space. It will eventually win, but the red of the nastursums contrasts well with the yellow of the French Marigolds.

Openday0711f Hazel0711 Sunna0711 Annette0711 Nastursum0711
I have finally had to remove the large cucumbers from the front fence next to the pavement. This will allow others to develop. They were too old to leave. Hopefully the smaller ones will enlarge in time for next weeks Open Day. I started to gather some of the crops from the front garden. Here there are Cucumbers, Peaches, Plums, Runner Beans,and Broad beans. The Peaches were especially gorgeous and juicy. Unfortunately they do not last long on the tree and all has now been removed. Only the nectarines are left. The Zucca has finally started to produce and set some Zuccas. Normally they grow in a curve, but as these are hanging they are growing straighter than they would normally do. The Vegetable Spaghetti and Butternuts are also producing and setting fruits.

Cucum0711 Produce0711 Peachesb0711 Zucca0711 Vegspag0711
Despite the atrocious weather on the 17th of July We had over 60 visitors who enjoyed the garden during the sunny breaks in the weather. Poor old Kwame at the gate selling plants got soaked several times during the day. The Bay roof with the sunflower which started to open on Saturday looked great with all that greenery. The Crying Eye did not raised as much interest as I had hoped as most visitors were interested in the plants. We did get one young girl that tried out the hot jacuzzi and did not want to leave even though it was pouring down. The last picture shows that I had tied last years Sicillian Marrow to the plant to show how the young ones will grow, which gave a few laughs and some interest. The Runner beans were loaded and I had to pick them to allow the young ones to grow and the plants to produce more.

Openday170711b Openday170711d Bayroof0711 Openday170711 Openday170711c
The Outside Cucumbers on the front wall is getting too large and I will have to pull them off after this weekend show. The Runner beans are just loaded and I am constantly picking them and sharing them with my neighbours as I cannot eat them all. If this is not done it will stop producing beans. The cropping is now going on in earnest and I have dried peas Peaches and lemons and a few other vegetables. My latest addition to the garden is a Crying eye with teardrops the whole has many symbolisms. I had my third bit of vandalism of the garden in about eight years since I have started to open for the NGS. Does anyone knows this thief if so the police wants a word.

Cucumber0711 Runbeans0711 Crops0711 Crying_eye Thief1
The Cycad has put on a spurt of growth in the few warm days we had last week. Its leaves are even longer than its old two year leaves. The Multi-flowering Hibiscus is at last producing flowers. I think it has been so cold this summer that many plants are at least a month behind. The Crocosmia Red Devil has only last week started to flower. The Red leaves of the Iresine looked much better earlier on, but is now getting crowded out. Although the Fuschia which is in the center of this pot has not recovered from last year the Lobelias and verbenias are producing a spectacular show from this pot.

Cycad0711 Hibiscus0711 Crocosmiarddvl0711 Iresine0711 Lobelia0711
I just love this Hardy Geranium it flowers all summer long, with these beautiful sky blue flowers. The Lantana has just started to flower. Usually it is in flower from early June. The Mirablis or Marvel of Peru produces these scented multi-coloured flowers until frost knocks it down and the tubers remain dormant until the following July. The Bergomot is now flowering well. It often sends other flowers from the center of the old flower. The Brugmansias are scenting the garden in the evening. During the day these large bell like flowers are a sight to behold.

Geranium0711 Lantana0711 Mirablis0711 Brgomot0711 Brugmansia0711
The pears are swelling nicely and there is quite a good crop from such a small tree. The blueberries are now ripe and are very sweet. I just love these alpine strawberries as they continue to fruit all summer long. The peaches are getting near to being ripe. At the moment they are still hard and needs a little longer on the tree. The lemons on the bay roof are also swelling up and last years crop is now fully ripe and are dropping off one by one.

Pears0711 Bluebry0711 Strbery0711 Peaches0711 Lemonb0711
Well at last I have some time to update this website. So much have been happening that I have been rushed off my feet, but the garden is ticking over nicely. I had a thief who snapped the branches off the display apple and stole all the apples off the apple tree from the front garden. I was so disappointed. I now have no apples to show on the tree when my visitors come. So whats been going on, I have received photographers from the papers who will feature my garden in their publications. Getting my advertisements printed and distributed. Getting a special work of art garden ornament ready for the show. It is still not ready, but I have high hopes that it will be ready. I was wondering why my cucumbers were not setting, when I discovered when watering there were three large cucumbers already Growing on the vine, but were hiding under the leaves. I have now pulled them off hoping that new ones will regrow in time for the shows. My neighbour gave me a couple of roses last year and one of them is now flowering. It is so pretty. A rose is a rose in any language. The Stepelia or carrion flower is in bloom and so is the Solanum Wendlandii high up in the tree. I am very pleased to see my insect box I put up last year is attracting a number of leaf cutter-bees. You can see the holes of the bamboo sealed with plant material.

Cucumbers0611 Redyelrose0611 Stapelia0611 Solwend0611 Insectbox0611

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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